Unique Beech Trees

We have some very unique beech trees in stock. If you wish to have a stand-out specimen in your yard, plant one of these trees. They include the River’s Purple European beech, the Tri Color European beech and the Purple Fountain beech. When these are gone, this will be it for the year.


Purple Fountain Beech tree
Photo courtesy of Monrovia Nursery


Leaves from a River’s Purple European Beech tree
Photo by Trees Today Nursery

Leaves from a Tri Color Beech Tree
Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Crabapple Trees Have Arrived

Hurry In if you are looking for a crabapple tree. A new shipment just arrived and most of the trees are in or about to be in full bloom. We have the old favorite Prairifire, along with Red Splendor, Spring Snow  and several others.   Again, hurry in because once these trees are gone we may not be able to get any more plus when they are blooming you get to see the bloom color.

Prairifire Crabapple

Tina Dwarf Crabapple Tree

Just arrived!  Blooming Tina crabapple trees.  This dwarf crabapple has one of the prettiest blossoms of all crabapple trees.  The blossoms had pink to red buds that open to white flowers followed by tiny red crabapples.  It is also disease resistant.   This cultivar is grafted on a 48″ standard.   The height will be around 6-8 ft tall and 8-10 ft wide.  Would like full sun.  Zone hardy 4-7.

Tina Sargeant Crabapple
Photo courtesy of Monrovia


Tina crabapple tree (photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries)


Tina Crabapple Tree  (photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries)