Cut back diseased perennials and destroy their debris.

  1. Pull out annuals unless the seeds provide food for the birds.
  2. Pull out weeds.
  3. Clean and sharpen tools like pruners, hoes, shovels, etc.
  4. Apply tree guards to protect trees from deer and rabbit damage in winter.
  5. Keep applying animal repellants.
  6. If you like to “fall” clean your flower garden, consider leaving these perennials* as they do better with spring pruning or else they provide food for the birds.
  7. If you like to “spring” clean your flower garden, consider pruning these perennials** in fall as they will benefit from fall pruning.
  8. Remove dead branches from your roses and shrubs.
  9. Apply compost if your soil needs amending.
  10. *Prune these perennials in fall:
    Bearded iris                                               Catmint (nepeta)                             Blanket flower (gaillardia)
    Columbine (aquilegia)                            Daylily                                               Golden Marguerite (anthemis)
    Anemone                                                    Painted Daisy (tanacetum)          Penstemon
    Peony                                                          Phlox                                                  Salvia
    Yarrow (achillea)

**Prune these perennials in spring:
Artemisia                                                   Asters                                                 Astile
Black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia)             Beebalm (monarda)                       Butterfly bush (buddleia)
Butterfly weed (
asclepia)                      Campanula                                      Cardinal flower (lobelia cardinalis)
Coral bells                                                 Cushion spurge (euphorbia)        Delphinum
Dianthus                                                   Foamflower (tiarella)                    Foxglove (digitalis)
Bleeding heart (dicentra)                     Gayfeather (liatris)                        Hosta
Bugloss                                                      Lady’s Mantle                                 Lupines
Chrysanthemum                                     Oriental poppy                               Pincushion (scabiosa)
Coneflowrs (echinacea)                        Russian sage (pervoskia)             Tickseed (coreopsis)
Turtlehead (Chelone)