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We carry a huge array of annuals, perennials, trees, stone, edging, bagged and bulk mulch and soil, and other garden products. You’ll find more than 140 kinds of trees, 80 types of evergreens, 140 varieties of shrubs, 30 kinds of grasses, and 350 types of perennials. We keep our supply updated with fresh stock all season long, and get at least one delivery of new nursery stock each week, so you can almost always find what you need. If you want something we don’t have, ask us about our fast and painless special-order process.

Fruit Trees and Small Fruit
Garden Mums




Bulk mulch, wood chips, dirt, compost, and potting mix; delivery available
Hardgoods including Stone and Block

Bird Baths




Our Plant Warranty

The success or failure of plants depends on their care. Good soil, sufficient water and adequate drainage are necessary for plants to live. Trees Today Nursery will replace once only without charge any tree, shrub, or woody vine that dies within one year provided that the plant has received normal and reasonable care. We will not replace plants killed by deer, rabbits, rodents, insects, mechanical damage, owner neglect, or natural disasters. We cannot warranty plants planted in pots or planter boxes. Please contact Trees Today at the first sign of a problem so we can help to prevent plant loss.

You must have the warranty card you were given at time of purchase in order to receive a replacement.

Warranty does not include planting charges.

Protect Your Trees Now with Optrol

Optrol is the product of choice for tree care professionals. It is the only retail product that provides the killing power needed to control Japanese Beetles and Emerald Ash Borer on all sizes of trees.

Optrol is a broad spectrum, easy to use, highly concentrated systemic insecticide that utilizes the proven performance of imidacloprid.

It provides 12 months of protection and controls a wide variety of insect pests including Japanese beetles, Bronze Birch Borer, Emerald Ash Borer, Birch Leafminer, White grubs and more.

Optrol allows the highest application rates in the industry for maximum, research proven protection against the most difficult tree pests. It is great for small jobs or single trees. Just measure the amount you need for a tree, mix it with water, and apply.