“Here at Rush Creek Growers, Inc. our mission is to grow a wide variety of great plants for the wholesale trade in the upper-Midwest. We are committed to the unusual. Great customer service including pre-booking of orders for future delivery, custom growing, weekly availability updates and a collaborative relationship with our customers is a priority. We’ve been in business since 1995 here in the lovely Rush River valley of west central Wisconsin. We value the creation of a good workplace for ourselves and our plant-savvy crew. Rush Creek Growers Inc. was started by Suzanne Baker and Vicky Weis.

We love plants. Our large selection includes wonderful older varieties, not commonly seen in the trade, as well the newest breeding from around the world. The plants include annuals, many varieties suitable for containers, perennials, including many fine shade loving varieties, herbs, herb collections, vines- annual and perennial, native species for the prairie and the woodland.

At Rush Creek Growers, we are committed to growing them as sustainably as we know how and we are continually looking at beneficial organisms as a means to produce the healthiest plants we can.”

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