Fruit Trees!

We have a great variety of fruit trees coming in this spring. We recommend buying early in the season since these trees go fast, and once they are gone, they are gone! When you buy your potted tree in April, we ask that you keep it at the garden center for one month to allow the root system to mature. Potted fruit trees are $49.95 with 1 year warranty.


Fireside semi dwarf

Frostbite semi dwarf

Haralred semi dwarf

Honeycrisp semi dwarf

Honeygold semi dwarf

KinderKrisp semi dwarf

Liberty semi dwarf

Snow Sweet semi dwarf

Zestar semi dwf


Parker semi dwarf

Patten semi dwarf

Summercrisp semi dwarf


Mount Royal standard

Superior standard

Toka standard


Evans Bali standard

Mesabi standard

Meteor standard

North Star standard

Sweet Cherry Pie standard


Contender standard