Prairie Dog Switch Grass

Panicum virgatum ‘Prairie Dog’ PP32,736

Prairie Dog Switchgrass is a more compact selection compared to the species with sturdy, upright, blue-green stems and wine-red leaves. In the spring, the foliage is blue green, but by early summer the leaves begin to turn a stunning shade of deep red. In late summer, a bouquet of rosy panicles is displayed just above the foliage. When in bloom, the leaves curl slightly, which gives the impression of red ribbons woven throughout the flowers. All parts of this grass are very sturdy and will remain standing through winter unless snows are heavy, also providing protection for birds and other animals.

Height:  4-5′
Spread:  2-3′
Exposure:  Full sun
Foliage:  Steel blue
Zone:  4-9

Information courtesy of Baileys Nursery