Winter is starting early this year. Even without the blooms and greenery, a covering of snow brings a beauty to gardens and landscapes.

A fluffy snowfall covers the evergreens. Bare branches pop against the snowy background. There are so many interesting forms of branches that just magnetize in winter.

‘Perennial Grasses’ become highlighted features in the landscapes…not to mention how much the birds will appreciate their seeds.

Birdhouses and feeders, ar bors, benches, retaining walls and garden art objects look both wonderful and interesting with a covering of snow.

Hoar frost on objects sparkle in the crisp winter temperatures.

So, while our gardens are still providig us with a display of beauty, take the time to enjoy the view while having the steaming hot cup of coffee or grab your camera and for a winter wallk.

Mother Nature does not fail.

Candy Coral Bells

Plump Coralberries

For gardeners who are on the lookout for shrubs that provide winter interest after most flowers and leaves are gone, snowberries rate high on the list. Plump, candy-pink berries ripen in early fall, as the last of summer’s small pink flowers swell into pearls. As the leaves fall, each arching stem is adorned with decorative berries which remain on slender branches through winter. The perfect plant for the winter garden, these compact forms are suitable for a more prominent place in the front border. Snow Berries are especially beautiful with a light dusting of snow.

Candy Coralberry