Autumn Watering

Cooler weather is coming and before you know it we will reach regular freezing temperatures. Just because it is time to put the garden hose away does not mean you can stop watering your plants. Although there may be fleeting blooms and leaves your trees, shrubs and perennials still require a sip of water every now and again.

A general rule of thumb would be to water your trees and shrubs about twice a week with the current temperatures we are seeing this late in October. As we progress into November and have colder temperatures that may be bumped down to once a week dependent upon conditions.

Happy watering!

What is Wilt Pruf?

Are you seeking a solution to prevent moisture lost in your plants and Christmas decor? We have the solution for you. Wilt Pruf prevents moisture loss by forming a clear, protective layer over the plant’s foliage. This prevents your plant from experiencing severe wilting, shock, and even plant failure.

Wilt Pruf can be used on the following:

Christmas Trees
Christmas Wreaths
Spruce Tops

Stop in now to protect your plants and Christmas decor from moisture loss!



Fall is the Season for Grasses

Grasses have become extremely popular in the last five years.  They are easy to grow, interesting, low maintenance, and look spectactular in fall.   There are just so many types of grasses; tall and short, bushy flumes or dainty seed heads, tan leaves or burgundy, warm season versus cool season.   We carry a wide variety.  Some of the favorites are pictured below.


Prairie Dropseed grass
Photo courtesy of Baileys Nursery


Miscanthus Red Silver Grass
Photo courtesy of Baileys


Korean Feather Reed Grass
Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Karl Foerster Grass
Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Little Bunny Tails Dwarf Fountain Grass
Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Miscanthus Flame Grass
Photo courtesy of Baileys


Aureola Forest Grass
Photo courtesy of Baileys


Overdam Feather Reed Grass
Photo courtesy of Bailey’s


Northwind Switch Grass
Photo by Trees Today Nursery