This is the time of year when most dogwood is at its’ showiest.  Make your winter yard colorful with dogwood.  The Cardinal dogwood is a bright red.  The Arctic Fire dogwood is a dark red.  The Firedance is a brilliant red.  Read about them under our Plant section for size and other characteristics.


Arctic Fire Dogwood

Arctic Fire Dogwood

Cardinal Dogwood


Plump Coralberries

For gardeners who are on the lookout for shrubs that provide winter interest after most flowers and leaves are gone, snowberries rate high on the list. Plump, candy-pink candy coralberry in the snowberries ripen in early fall, as the last of summer’s small pink flowers swell into pearls. As the leaves fall, each arching stem is adorned with decorative berries which remain on slender branches through winter. The perfect plant for the winter garden, these compact forms are suitable for a more prominent place in the front border. Snow Berries are especially beautiful with a light dusting of snow.


Create a fabulous fall display!  Grab your pruners or scissors and snip some winterberries, bittersweet, hydrangeas, autumn leaves, grasses or whatever.  Don’t forget to add some pumpkins into that fall display.


(Most of the plants in the photos are available now or will be available from
Trees Today Nursery in Spring of 2019)