Hidden Gems Plant Them Now!

Hello October! It has been a long year with ups and downs. Fall is officially upon us and one thing is certain, we cannot wait to see nature transition into its fall attire! Fall is a friendly reminder that change is possible, necessary, and can be refreshing for the soul.

Being a season of change, now is the perfect time to refresh your landscape with some hidden gems that will add beauty to your landscape for seasons to come. Fall is the perfect time to put the spotlight on some of these varieties that may not get the attention they deserve earlier in the season.

Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry
Aronia melanocarpa ‘Autumn Magic’

Rounding out at five feet in height and four feet in width, the Autumn Magic chokeberry is a show stopper of a plant! White spring flowers invite a delicious tart berry excellent as a jam or they can be paired with a handful of pretzels or string cheese for a savory snack.  Aronia is also an exceptional fruit to be utilized in the fermentation process for those that like to create their own beverages. Once the berries are gone for the season, fall is around the corner and one can look forward to the rich tones of red and orange that provide the final act of the season.

Emerald Triumph Viburnum 
Viburnum ‘Emerald Triumph’

Exceptionally low maintenance, viburnums are a delightful addition to the landscape as a specimen plant or can be incorporated into a hedge. Emerald Triumph has a broad, glossy leaf which provides great texture and coverage along with the contrast against the white flowers appearing in spring. Berries transitioning from red to black extend the value this plant brings to the landscape.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’

Ranking high in popularity, the serviceberry is one of a kind. Delicate white flowers are trailed by an edible purplish-black fruit excellent for fresh eating. Fall foliage is outstanding with shades of red and orange throughout fall until the showy grey bark and intriguing branching are in full display during winter. Not only will the tree provide the landscape with many seasons of interest, it also benefits wildlife who also feed on the fruit.

Tom Thumb Creeping Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster adpressus ‘Tom Thumb’

Ideal for any rock garden or dry location, the Tom Thumb cotoneaster will not disappoint! Is there a hillside that is too steep to manage? Are you in search of low lying fall color? Tom Thumb is the plant you need! This small sprawling plant is covered in delicate glossy leaves that come ablaze in fall. Reaching a height of about one foot and spreading to about six feet, this plant will prove its durability and low maintenance in no time.


If you are looking for hardy, durable plants for your landscape look no further than these hidden gems. These are both small and large plants that can bring a world of impact to the landscape. Hidden gems can be found just about anywhere you look. Stop in and find one today!


The Phlox of Fall

No, we’re not talking about flocks of birds, we’re talking about flowering phlox! A small plant that packs a punch of color, especially late into the season. There is still plenty time to plant if the procrastination bug got to you this season. Now is the time, the phlox are in full bloom here at the nursery. Stop in and bring some vibrant color to your garden!










Coral Crème Drop Phlox

Grasses, the Secret of the Landscape

Grasses are the “Secret of the Landscape”. They are perfect for spots where you need height but not width, look terrific mixed in with evergreens, plus they have a characteristic all their own in winter. NOW is the perfect time to buy perennial grasses as most of them are putting on their fall show displaying unique seed heads, ranging from dainty to oat-like stalks to flumes. Another benefit of fall purchasing is to see the red/russet color that many of these grasses will turn in fall. We have the following grasses in stock: Shenandoah Switch,  Karl Foerster Feather Reed, Flame, Avalanche Feather Reed, Red Silver Japanese Silver,  Overdam Feather Reed, Porcupine, Little Bunny Dwarf Fountain and Prairie Drop Seed.


Bunny Tails Dwarf Fountain Grass
Photo by Trees Today Nursery