Fall Color Soon

If you drool over beautiful Autumn trees that put on amazing displays of color, now is the time to think about planting one. Of course maple trees are known for their exceptional fall colors, ranging from yellow/orange to deep reds. However there are many other dazzling, colorful fall trees. Imagine a grove of Quaking Aspens shimmering with their gold leaves. For those yellow/gold fall colors, consider the following trees:  Gingko, Quaking Aspen, Lindens, Honeylocust, Birch, Hackberry and Elms. For those of you who enjoy more reds and oranges there are the Serviceberry, Oaks – specifically the Northern Pin Oak,  and the native Blue Beech. Then for orange or red berries in fall we have the Showy and European Mountain Ash trees. Our staff will gladly help you choose the right fall color that will work in your situation.

FloralBerry® Rosé St. John’s Wort

What an outstanding and gorgeous small shrub this is as it has unique yellow flowers in summer  followed by rose colored berries in fall. The branches are thick with dark green foliage, making a wonderful hedge.   We recommend covering it with mulch in fall as it is a Zone 5 and we do not warrantee it.  However, we have grown and warranteed other Zone 5,  St. John’s Wort shrubs as they have proven to survive our winters.  The flowers also make great cut flowers.  For more information, click FloralBerry® Rosé St. John’s Wort

Floralberry Rose St. Johns Wort
Photo courtesy of Monrovia