Sharing Photo of Pink Splendor Hydrangea

Look at this beauty! A customer snapped this picture of their Pink Splendor hydrangea from 2020, stating “This brings a pop of color to my patio!”

A great addition to a small garden or as a patio plant, the Pink Splendor will quickly reach a height and spread of 4 feet. This hydrangea thrives in morning sun and afternoon shade or filtered sun.

If you are looking to give this one a try, stop in and pick one up, we just received a fresh shipment.


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Mid-season Restock

The perennial tables have been looking a little bare lately, but not any more! New shipments of coneflower, sedum, salvia, and hibiscus and many more items have arrived!

Here is a preview of some of the spectacular colors now available!


  • Sweet Sandia Coneflower

Rainy Day Blooms


Finally, some well needed rain is reaching us here in the coulee region! It may be a dreary day, but fear not, your landscape doesn’t need to leave you will the same feeling. We have numerous shrubs and perennials in full bloom that will brighten up your landscape on days like today. Stop in and brighten your landscape today!

  • Peach Drift Rose