Hydrangeas have become a top seller for many nurseries.  The newer generations are looking for color in their yard with easy maintenance.   Growers are steadily working on improving hydrangeas so that they blossom more and survive Zone 4 winters.   In the last few years several new varieties have been developed for our zone.  We currently have over 400 hydrangeas in stock, with about 20 varieties to choose from.   If you are unsure of what will grow best in your yard and location of the sun, please talk to the staff and they will put you in the right direction of the ones that will do best.   Following is a slideshow of some of our hydrangeas in stock.


Blue Enchantress

Pink Splendor

Seaside Fire Island Hydrangea
Photo courtesy of Monrovia Nursery


Berry White




Quick Fire

Vanilla Strawberry













Twist & Shout


Summer Crush Hydrangea
Photo by Trees Today Nursery



Pink & blue hydrangeas
Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Sea of Hydrangeas
Photo by Trees Today Nursery



Vertical Gardening

Have you ever thought about adding a vertical plant to your garden? A clematis on a fun obelisk, on a trellis or on a simple piece of chicken wire attached to a couple posts will provide a beautiful vertical accent to your garden. Clematis’s come in all colors from blue to purple, from pink to red and even white. Some will bloom from spring to fall while others only bloom in select months. Our staff will tell you the pruning technique for the clematis you are interested in and how to plant it. Once establihed, they do not like to be moved. Some of the varieties we have in stock are H F Young, Tranquilite, Corrine, Issy, Edda, Roouge Cardinal, Sapphire Indigo, Rebecca, Garlland Tekia, Bernadine, Nubia, Sally, Boulevard Zara and Avante Garde, along with the ever popular Jack Manii. We also carry several obelisks and trellises. Stop in soon while you can still select the color you want.


Silver Moon
Photo by Trees Today Nurse

Nellie Moser Clematis Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Photo by Trees Today Nursery

Photo by Trees Today Nursery