Are We or Are We Not a Zone 5?

There are 13 planting zones in the U.S., each are divided into two segments, a and b, with 5 degrees separating the two segments. We are now Zone 5a but not Zone 5B.  Zone 5a’s average annual extreme low temperature, between years 1991 and 2020, is -20 to -15 with Zone 5b average low temperatures of -15 to -10.  The very northern part of La Crosse County is Zone 4b, with -25 to -20 temperatures.  These temperatures are based on 30 year averages.

So what does this mean?   You now have an opportunity to plant some of those  Zone 5 plants you have been drooling over the past years.  However, be careful.  Do not overdo it.  Winters are unpredictable and we still may experience some really cold winters.   Some plants have information tags on them.  Read them and if the tag lists the minimum temperature for the plant, choose the plants that are in  Zone 5a, not Zone 5b.  In the past we have carried some Zone 5 plants that have proven to survive in this area.  This year more Zone 5 plants will be added so PLEASE ask staff if you are uncertain about what zone that plant is in.   Occasionally we do carry Zone 5B or higher Zone plants as customers ask for them.  

Most trees and shrubs are warranted for one year.    Staff should inform you if that particular plant is not warranted.     We do not warrantee any perennials.

Happy planting and please ask staff for Assistance if you are unsure about any plant.