Get your Christmas Trees and Greenery Now

Shop at our nursery now for the best and freshest display of Christmas greenery and trees.   We have porch pots, wreaths, garland, spruce tops, dogwood stems, and a great selection of fresh Christmas trees. From experience, the best time to decorate for Christmas is when the weather is still nice.  So come in and get your preferred greenery and decorate now.   You will be so glad you did before the cold and snow and frozen fingers occur.  



Last Chance: Hurry In!


Tick tock, tick tock!  ⏰ ⏰

The time is drawing near to Halloween and before you know it, Thanksgiving! Have you decorated your home yet? If not, never fear, Trees Today is here! We still have a great assortment of decorating and Halloween pumpkins still available. Stop in and grab yours before you are left behind in the great decorating race.


Staff Designs

Our staff is very talented with putting together flowers and shrubs that go together.   If you need help, they are here to help guide you to choose plants that go together not only in appearance, but plants that have the same requirements for water, soil and light.  They are more then happy to assist you.  Below are two designs they did.  They are very conscience in determining how colors blend together.

Display features Congo Line sedum, Russian sage, Scotch moss and Evolution Fiesta coneflower.


Fountain, Scotch moss, Pandora ligularia and Younique silvery pink astilbe.

Pumpkins Galore

Have you done your fall decorating yet? Or need a pumpkin for Halloween carving?   We have pumpkins:  Colored, Warty and Large and Small.   Stop by soon, especially if you are after the colored ones as they are selling fast.   Enjoy fall with decorations that may include pumpkins, mums, witches, etc.  Also before you know it Halloween will be here, so get your carving pumpkin now.

What is Wilt Pruf?

Are you seeking a solution to prevent moisture lost in your plants and Christmas decor? We have the solution for you. Wilt Pruf prevents moisture loss by forming a clear, protective layer over the plant’s foliage. This prevents your plant from experiencing severe wilting, shock, and even plant failure.

Wilt Pruf can be used on the following:

Christmas Trees
Christmas Wreaths
Spruce Tops

Stop in now to protect your plants and Christmas decor from moisture loss!



Mums: Garden versus Fall

Now is the time of year when beautiful mums appear at Trees Today Nursery, grocery stores, and home stores.  These are called “fall” or annual mums.  Their colors are an assortment of reds, oranges, bronzes, yellows, whites, and many more.  They look beautiful sitting in pots on front porches or placed in gardens.  However, they generally do not survive being replanted in the garden in  Zone 4 (our area of Wisconsin and Minnesota).  If they do survive a winter, chances are they will not survive the following winter.  If you succeed in overwintering a fall mum in your garden, to get a bushy blooming mum in fall you need to start pinching it back in July or chances are it will become stringy and lanky.

Garden mums are the perennial mums hardy to Zone 3.  At Trees Today we carry Mammoth Mums that were bred at the University of Minnesota for endurance and cold.  Once planted in your garden they may grow to 3-3 1/2  feet wide by 3-4 feet tall.  Their colors are limited, but their abundant blooms are very showy and last for weeks.  Also, these mammoth mums do not need any pinching.

Orange fall mum
Photo from Trees Today Nursery


Mammoth lavender mum
Photo by Trees Today Nursery



Dianthus Days

Look at these beauties! Is there something missing from your landscape? Are you struggling to find a plant small enough to round out your garden borders? The perfect plant does exist, it’s a dianthus! Petite in size these plants give off enormous amounts of color. Typically found in hues of white, red, pink, and purple.


Check out these dainty beauties while supplies last!

  • Scent from Heaven Angel of Peace Dianthus

Berry Poppins

Finally we have the Berry Poppins winterberry for sale at our nursery. We have tried for several years to get this shrub but it was never available so we are pretty thrilled that we now have it in stock. If you like winterberries, or a shrub with red berries in winter, this might just be the one for you! It has a height and spread of 3-4′ and you can use Jim Dandy (the male) as the pollinator. Read more about it by clicking on the following link.


Berry Poppins
Photo courtesy of

Berry Poppins close up
Photo courtesy of

Armeria (thrift)

This is a very showy, compact perennial that blooms in April, May and June. It has stiff, grass-like leaves and stunning pink flowers.  This perennial does not like good soil, preferring instead infertile, dry soil and full sun.  Works great in rock gardens.  The Armeria grows 6-12 inches tall and wide.  When the flowers are done blooming, they dry on the plant rather then rot.  A very slow spreader and is salt tolerant.  Zones 3-8.

New – Nubia Boulevard Red Clematis

An exciting reblooming, gorgeous “red” clematis.  These dark red flowers are 5″ across and bloom from June to September.  The vine grows about 5′ high and will grow in full sun to part shade.  It would look great in a large planter by your entryway.  Since it blooms from both the leaf axils and stems, there are flowers from the ground up.  This is a Zone 4 clematis.  We also have other beautiful clematis’.  So stop in when they arrive to get your selection early before they are gone.

Photo by Baileys Nursery.

 Photo Courtesy of Donahues Clematis Specialists