The Phlox of Fall

No, we’re not talking about flocks of birds, we’re talking about flowering phlox! A small plant that packs a punch of color, especially late into the season. There is still plenty time to plant if the procrastination bug got to you this season. Now is the time, the phlox are in full bloom here at the nursery. Stop in and bring some vibrant color to your garden!










Coral Crème Drop Phlox

Gardening in August

As the garden season is winding down, following are a few suggestions on “Gardening in August”:

Quit fertilizing rose bushes, shrubs and trees after August 15th.
Start dividing flowers that need it, i.e. irises, hostas, daylilies, grasses, etc.
Continue watering evergreens until a hard freeze.
Continue weeding your garden.
Continue deadheading flowers that will continue to bloom.
Remove deceased plants from your garden.
If the annuals in your planters are wore out, consider replacing them with fall mums.
Harvest your herbs.


Latest Arrivals

We just received a shipment of some unusually beautiful perennials and shrubs. Ann Magnolia shrubs arrived in two different sizes, therefore they have two different price tags. There are some blooms on them and are very nice and full. To me the Ann Magnolia is by far the best of all the Magnolias. Then we have lots of Zagreb and Moonbeam Coreopsis that are blooming their heads off. I’ve been working here a decade and the best looking Artemesias are here now! We have more giant, zone 4 hardy hibiscus in red and rose color. Presently they are not blooming but are loaded with buds ready to open. We also have gaillardias, hydrangea trees, White Fringe Trees, Yellow Grace n Grit roses, plus many, many more plants.  Stop in!!

Photo by Trees Today Nursery

Zagreb and Moonbeam coreopsis
Photo by Trees Today Nursery















Grace n Grit Yellow Rose
Photo by Trees Today Nursery

Photo by Trees Today Nursery















Quick Fire Hydrangea tree
Photo by Trees Today Nursery

Ann Magnolia Shrub
Photo by Trees Today Nursery