Look at What Has Arrived!

Wow, we got some beautiful plants in this week.  The PJM rhododendrons are amazing, and so are the purple gem and pink treasure rhododendrons.  To top that off, the ivory prince lenten roses we just got in have lots of buds and blooms.  Never before has this plant arrived so  beautiful as this year.  Then there are magnolia shrubs, blue ribbons bush clematis that have buds, coral bells and others.  Following are images of some of the plants.



White Star Magnolia


Various rhododendrons


Purple Gem Rhododendron


Bud of Pink Treasure Rhododendron


Ivory Prince Lenten Rose


Some of our many plants







Nothing says spring is here like pussy willows and forsythias.  The Northern Gold Forsythia was introduced way back in 1979 in Canada.  This shrub grows 6-8 ft high and has a spread of around 5-7 ft.  It is very hardy, Zone 3-8.  This shrub has outstanding flower color and bud hardiness.    If you are looking for a smaller forsythia, we have Gold Tide Forsythia, which only gets about 2-3 ft. tall and 3-4 ft. wide.  This shrub is hardy in zone 4-8.  Forsythias look amazing if you plant them as a large, sprawling screen.  If size is a concern, then you should prune the larger ones back to about 2 feet right after flowering.  Plant these shrubs as they will put a smile on your face in spring when they bloom.


Photo Courtesy of Baileys Nursery – Northern Gold Forsythia


Photo Courtesy of Baileys Nursery – Gold Tide

New – Nubia Boulevard Red Clematis

An exciting reblooming, gorgeous “red” clematis.  These dark red flowers are 5″ across and bloom from June to September.  The vine grows about 5′ high and will grow in full sun to part shade.  It would look great in a large planter by your entryway.  Since it blooms from both the leaf axils and stems, there are flowers from the ground up.  This is a Zone 4 clematis.  We also have other beautiful clematis’.  So stop in when they arrive to get your selection early before they are gone.

Photo by Baileys Nursery.

 Photo Courtesy of Donahues Clematis Specialists