Honeyberry: The Second Bloom of Spring

A well-versed plant enthusiast will tell you that forsythia is the first blooming shrub of the season. But, do you know of a flowering shrub that soon followings? Its the honeyberry! As we begin our pre-season set up at the garden center, we were amazed to find that our Berry Blue, Borealis, and Cinderella honeyberries in full bloom. Click on the links to view each variety and their need to know information.

In normal Wisconsin spring weather, one can expect to see the honeyberry bloom mid to end of April and fully ripen by early summer. The honeyberry fruit, as was once noted, looks like a grape in shape but tastes sweet like a blueberry. Honeyberries are great for fresh eating and are also great for making jams, jellies, and baking. Honeyberries do require a pollinator so make sure you have the space to bring at least two plants home.

Let 2024 be the year to try something new! Stop at the garden center and give it a try, or just come and say ‘hi’!