Blooming Azaleas in Stock

Several varieties of blooming azaleas have arrived.  If you have been thinking about getting an azalea now is the time to stop in and purchase one as you can see what the bloom color looks like.   Either a single specimen or several planted together will put on show-stopping site in spring.  Azaleas generally prefer morning sun and afternoon shade with moist and acidic soil.   If your soil is not acidic, we sell a product to help make your soil acidic.   Just ask one of our salespersons for help.

Azaleas photo taken 4/26/21 by Trees Today Nursery on their lot


Everywhere you look, magnolias are putting forth a beautiful display of pink and white (some yellow). If you have not seen them, take a drive around La Crosse and we are sure you will find trees or shrubs in full bloom or will be soon. At Trees Today we have a good supply of magnolia shrubs and trees that range from 8ft to 35 ft at maturity.

Royal Star Magnolia
Photo courtesy of Monrovia Nursery

Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree
Photo courtesy of Bailey NurserieS












Blossom of a Centennial Blush Magnolia
Photo by Trees Today Nursery



Magnolia trees in stock at Trees Today Nursery




Velvet Viking Japanese Maple Tree

Finally, a Japanese Maple that is a zone 4.  This is a dwarf maple that was discovered growing in a yard in Minneapolis by a landscaper. The maple was about 4 ft tall and 8 ft wide. Obviously this tree survived some very harsh winters, even the polar vortex.  The Velvet Viking was named for its rich velvety color and after the Minnesota’s Viking football team.  Monrovia Nursery received some cuttings and began the long process of bringing this plant to market. (-MPLS Star-Tribune 6/13/20) Presently there is only a limited supply of these trees available to the public.  Be the first in your neighborhood to plant this tree.  Since they are a dwarf variety, they also make beautiful patio plantings in a pot.