A Gardener’s Reward –

Bees, Butterflies, Blooms and Birds abound in gardens this time of year.  Pollinators are having a field day and blooms are everywhere!  It is wonderful to just sit and enjoy these simple joys of life.   If you haven’t done so, next year plant a flower garden and you, too, will be enjoying nature.  Following are some photos taken by staff of various pollinators on plants that are sold by Trees Today Nursery.

Butterfly on a White Swan Coneflower

Monarch on Bubblegum Phlox





Monarch on a salvia


Monarch on a Miss Molly butterfly bush

Monarch on an annual asclepsia


Bumblebee on a Rose Sensation Salvia


Bumblebee on an annual Mexican Sunflower

Bumblebee on an annual Queen’s Lace

Bees on a hyssop