The Place to Shop

This week (June 1st) we unloaded two semi’s full of perennials, shrubs, roses, and etc.   So if you are looking to update your yard or replace those tired, old looking shrubs, stop in and shop at Trees Today Nursery.   The products we just received are high quality and beautiful. We must have over 200 coneflowers in stock.  Our Blue Marvel Salvias are an intense blue and blooming along with the yellow tickseed. What a striking combination the blue and yellow will make. The peach drift/carpet roses that arrived are to die-for.  We carry so much more then the normal run-of-the mill plants.  Our variety of shrubs and perennials is huge.

Crabapples Abloom

Now is the time of year when the crabapple trees are taking center stage. This year is a beautiful year for them as most of them are truly full of blossoms. Purchasing a crab apple tree now means you get to choose the color of blossoms as you will see most of them blooming at our garden center. There are many various shades of white to a dark pink, possibly close to red.  Following are a few of our crabapple trees blooming.


Emerald Spire Crabapple
Photo by Trees Today Nursery

Royal Raindrops Crabapple
Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Showtime Crabapple
Photo by Trees Today Nursery

Prairifire Crabapple
Photo by Trees Today Nursery


Crabapple in bloom in beautiful landscaped yard


Grasses, the Secret of the Landscape

Grasses are the “Secret of the Landscape”. They are perfect for spots where you need height but not width, look terrific mixed in with evergreens, plus they have a characteristic all their own in winter. NOW is the perfect time to buy perennial grasses as most of them are putting on their fall show displaying unique seed heads, ranging from dainty to oat-like stalks to flumes. Another benefit of fall purchasing is to see the red/russet color that many of these grasses will turn in fall. We have the following grasses in stock: Shenandoah Switch,  Karl Foerster Feather Reed, Flame, Avalanche Feather Reed, Red Silver Japanese Silver,  Overdam Feather Reed, Porcupine, Little Bunny Dwarf Fountain and Prairie Drop Seed.


Bunny Tails Dwarf Fountain Grass
Photo by Trees Today Nursery