We Had Beautiful Fall Color

The spectacular fall color put on by blazing trees and shrubs is just about over. The color was outstanding this year. Aspens were a brilliant yellow with tints of orange;  maples were everything from yellow orange to red; beech trees turned red, and a host of other trees and shrubs contributed to the array of fall color.   One of the most spectacular trees planted by a staff person last year was an Autumn Radiance tree. The color on this tree is just amazing, a neon glowing red. Plus this leaf color held on for over two weeks.  Another staff person planted a Brandywine a few years ago and it is putting on a show of fiery red. If you did any leaf peeping this fall and fell in love with some of those colorful trees, stop in now as we may have a tree or two left, otherwise next year get that fall color tree planted so you, too, can enjoy that fall color right in your own yard.

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