Deadheading Flowers, Do or Don’t

What is deadheading? As flowers start fading, pinch or cut off the flower stem below the spent flower and just above the first set of full, healthy leaves. Should flowers be deadheaded? That depends on the flower. Generally most annuals and perennials will benefit from deadheading. If a flower blooms continuously, like zinnias, cosmos, and coneflowers, it will help the flower set more blooms. Flowers that bloom only once, such as foxgloves and hollyhocks should not be deadheaded as the spent flowers need to produce seed for next year’s bloom. Please note that it is NOT necessary to deadhead. Many gardeners find it relaxing and fullfilling to deadhead; to other gardeners it is a monotonous chore. If you are unsure if you should deadhead, check the flower out on the internet or call our nursery.