Roses have been given a bad rap this year due to so many that did not make it through the past winter.  This is very unfortunate because for the money invested in a rose you can have many years, maybe even a decade, of blooms from mid-June to a hard frost. People need to realize that we may never have a winter-kill like this past year’s again. Our area lost trees, shrubs and perennials to this winter’s extreme weather. Give roses another try! The new, modern roses are extremely easy to care for; and should you purchase one we will give you a handout that will help you with their care. Plus, we have 14 varieties of roses in stock so there is something for everyone.

Some staff favorites are:

Ian likes the old-fashion Rugosa roses for their rose hips, wonderful fragrance and hardiness.  They come in shades of purple, white and pink.

Annie chooses the Music Box rose, a MUST if you like the Peace rose.  It has soft yellow and pink petals.

Beth favors the Kashmir rose, a velvety dark red, almost tea-like rose. If you want red, this is it!

Melissa picks the Campfire rose for its bright yellow and red bloom. Cheerful!

Mary prefers the Knock Out roses for their prolific blooms and the fact that they come back every year for her.