Becoming a Monarch

I wanted to see a caterpillar turn into a Monarch and discovered how easy it was. First, into my new garden I planted some bright annuals to attract Monarchs and some Swamp Milkweed (red milkweed) for the Monarchs to lay their eggs on. I also planted some butterfly weed to feed the future Monarch butterflies. About a month later I discovered several Monarch caterpillars on the milkweed. I ordered a net cage from Amazon and put a caterpillar inside the cage with leaves from the milkweed plant. The caterpillar ate voraciously for the first couple days, then stopped eating. The next thing that happened was that he was hanging from the top of the net cage and then formed a “J” shape.  A few hours later when I looked he was in the halfway point of spinning himself into a cocoon. On the 11th day when I checked, he had just emerged from the pupa into a butterfly but since he was still wet, I kept him in the cage for another hour and then released the Monarch.  Stop at Trees Today Nursery as we have many, many varieties of butterfly plants in stock in spring of the year.