Modern Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have become a favorite shrub among gardeners due to their low maintenance and the colorful blooms they put out for weeks.  Try some of the new varieties (over 20) that we carry.  Many are rebloomers.  Our staff will explain the difference and help you choose which variety works best for you.

Mopheads & Lacecaps:  (Macrophylla – large blooms, morning sun & afternoon shade, usually die back to ground over winter, some only bloom on old wood)
The Original Endless Summer
Twist n Shout
Seaside Serenade Fire Island
Seaside Serenade Newport
Summer Summer Crush

Smooth: (Aborescens – Profuse blooms, handles more sun then Mopheads, flowers usually smaller then mopheads, native, drought tolerant)
Annabelle (is a specific variety of the Smooth hydrangea)
Invincibelle Ruby
Invincibelle Limetta
Invincibelle Mini Mauvette
Invincibelle Wee White

Panicle: (Paniculata – Conical blooms, can bloom in 100% sun, very cold hardy, reliable bloomers, any type soil)
Berry White
Blue Enchantress
Little Lime
Quick Fire
Little Quick Fire
Strawberry Sundae
Vanilla Strawberry